Do what your mother told you

While there is little we can do to slow the ageing process, we can make changes to our lifestyle to improve our fertility. Not smoking, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep and keeping a healthy weight will improve both your general wellbeing and your fertility.

Stop smoking

Smoking is not only bad for your health, it also reduces fertility in men and women, and can be harmful for the unborn child. Stop smoking to increase your chances of conception and having a healthy child.

Regular exercise can make a difference

Regular exercise  is important for maintaining good health and can also improve fertility. Fast walking, Yoga and Pilates will not only help get you into shape it’s also a good way to reduce stress.


Eating a varied diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and reducing animal fats, salt, sugar, and processed foods, is beneficial for fertility

The right balance of nutrients and vitamins can make a difference

Scientific evidence has shown that specific nutrients can support healthy fertility and reproduction in both men and women. Proxeed® Women and Proxeed® Plus for men complement a balanced diet with key nutrients that supply energy to the developing sperm and egg, while protecting them from oxidative stress.